Gaoxin Street held the "Chinese family together to build the Chinese Dream" art performance

来源:   时间: 2023-09-25 15:26
  On September 21, Gaoxin Sub-District Office held a double festival performance of "One Chinese family, Working together to Build the Chinese Dream" in Shangdong Community。Lin Zhengyu, deputy director of Jilin Ethnic Affairs Committee and Deputy Director of Jilin Religious Affairs Bureau, attended the event。
  The performance was diverse in form, the theme of the program was distinct, and the songs, dances and other programs with national characteristics were staged in turn, which vividly demonstrated the theme of national unity and passed on positive energy of national unity and progress to the audience. The atmosphere at the performance site was warm, and won the praise of the audience。The performance ended in the beautiful melody of "Love My China" performed by the community staff of Gaoxin Street。(Han Yue, Gaoxin Street)